Commission status: Currently closed.

Commissions per monthly basis are very limited due to work schedule. Follow updates on social media.

PRICE LIST *** All commission prices are in CAD ***Prices subject to change without notice.

  • One(1) character bust, includes pencil, ink & colour (9x12” or blank variant) $150 (+50$ colour)

  • One(1) full body character pinup, includes pencil & ink with simple background (typically 11 x17”) $250 (+100$ for colour)

  • Two(2) full body characters, includes pencil, ink & colour (typically 11x17”) $500 (+100$ colour)

  • Sketch card (pencil, ink & colour on 2.5 x 3.5” blank card) $40

  • Note: Commissions do include access background detail. The price does increase slightly for any specifically requested background work. Characters that have excessive detail, like armour for example, are subject to increase in price.


Princess Amethyst - Full body, 11 x 17’’ single character commission in colour with simple background (350$).


Poison Ivy - Full body, 11 x 17’’ single character commission in colour with simple background (350$).


Turnaround time on a commission all depends on detail and complexity of a piece. Typically, a basic commission can take 3 days to a week. Larger commissions can take 2 weeks to a month. Keep in mind that on occasions, work deadlines and conventions can slightly effect the timelines. 

Shipping Information 

Shipping price is not included in the commission prices. Orders are shipped using Canada Post. Parcels are sent once a week, usually on Mondays. Tracking is included with all commission orders to ensure a safe and successful delivery. Tracking numbers will be send to the customer as soon as it’s available.

Q & A

Q: What do you draw for commissions ? 

A: Anything you like ! The most requested are characters from comics, manga and video games. But it’s up to you, dealer’s choice ! 

Q: Do you take commissions for original characters (example: D&D characters, original comic character etc) ? 

A: Yes, but visual reference is required.

Q: What will you draw ? What wont you draw ?

A: First off, I am no prude…I will draw usually any request including NSFW (with a pen name). But I do have limits, I will not draw anything that is against the law or my constitution. Use your best judgment and fill in the gaps. Furthermore, I will not draw something for a customer that is looking to reproduce my drawings in order to profit. 

Q: How do you justify your pricing ? 

A: Simple, I have to take time away from projects to work on commissions. Some of the costs also help pay supplies and studio fees. 

Q: Are commissions digital or traditional ?

A: Commissions are almost 100% traditional. On occasion, I use digital is for colouring if it’s requested. The customer then receives a traditionally inked piece (black and white) along with the digital colour file. Fully digital commissions are, for example, Twitch emote icons.

Q: Are digital commission cheaper since you dont have to use physical supplies ?

A: No, it still takes the same amount of time. And we all know what time equals. 

Q: Can I share my commission online via social media ?

A: Absolutely. I would be honoured If you credit/tag me :)