Availability status : Currently closed.

Availability for commissions are upon request only and all depend on current work loads. Follow Nick on social media for updates or contact.  

PRICE LIST***All commission prices are in CAD***Prices are subject to change without notice.

Full figure, pencil, ink, colour (or greyscale) 600$

Full figure with minimal background pencil, ink and colour (or greyscale) 1000$

Cover quality piece, fully detailed pencil and ink 2500$ and up.

Prices Vary for double page spreads or additional details like detailed backgrounds and/or extra characters. Each additional character on a single piece is half the cost each added to the total.

Pre-convention commissions

On occasion, spots for pre-con commissions are available. Since Nick doesn't attend every convention, art can be picked up at representative Kwan Chang's booth ( Pre-con commissions are announced in advance on Nick's social media. Spots are usually limited, please contact us if interested. 

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